Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bergamo Italy

Dear Art-loving friend,
Here are some more images of my short visit to Bergamo, Italia, recently.  I do not really vacation well, I suppose mostly because I take a long time to make a work of art and feel always behind and never seem to have enough time to realize all of the things I envision.

So, I give you a reminder that the art installation of the colored turf in the main piazza finishes at the end of this month.  That includes the life-size pink cutouts of various locals who garden or create in some way.  I thought that the cutouts and the write-ups on them of each person depicted were an eye-catching way to make the colorful installation more personal.

I try to notice the beauty and interest in all sorts of things and my eyes dart in all directions.  The world is full of stimuli, after all!  And thus, I hope you enjoy the images taken through a keyhole.  Hahha… I was told once in my early days in Firenze that in Italy, “An open door is an invitation.   I am not sure that I believe that….to misquote Freud, “Sometimes an open door is just … an open door.”  Also, I am fascinated by stairs.  Go figure.

But there is some truth to the observations that most of the beautiful gardens in Italy are within the corridors of the buildings.  Back in Medieval times when many Italian cities were built, people lived in fear of attacks and thus, the walls are thick and strong; fortresses really.  And people brought the Natural world inside of their walls.  I never tire of the giant ceramic pots with trees, or in this case, grasses. 
Enjoy some more of Bergamo in northern Italy.

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