Monday, October 14, 2013

Sculpture on Fresco Siena Duomo

Sculpture on Fresco Siena Duomo

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),
Here is another example of the sculptural embellishment on a fresco, high up inside the Duomo of Siena, Italia.  Note that the guy near the top who is receiving a crown is a bas-relief sculpture.  This protrusion makes it easier to see him, as well as connotes his importance in the image.  His golden robes do the same. 

I apologize for not knowing more about “the guy near the top.”  Sadly, I tend to be more interested in the ideas and presentation than about the actual characters for works like these, but also, it was simply a lack of time.  When I visit places with other people, I tend to slow them down and often miss things I might have researched better when alone and not in a hurry.

If you find yourself in Tuscany before 26 October 2013, I hope you will go see the temporary unveiling of the highly decorative stone floor of the Duomo (Cathedral) in Siena.
More of the Divina Bellezza or “Divine Beauty”exhibition and the Duomo in Siena in the next post.

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