Monday, March 22, 2010

Portrait of a Young Artist Marley

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Back in February, in the heart of a colder-than-usual winter in central Texas, I had to admit that I would not be able to finish my marble sculpture “The Gymnast.” I am heading back to Italy soon and have so many other projects that I needed to wrap up before I leave.

So, here are a few images of how I have left her . . . for the time being. I also include a self portrait that I took on the day it snowed here: 23 Feb. For me, it was “a wasabi moment,” a phrase I coined after I enjoyed my first sushi with friends a few summers ago. I mean it to refer to any short-lived pleasure that tickles more than one sense.

One of the great rewards of an artist – or anyone really – is to learn that you have inspired a child. Recently on Facebook, I have reconnected with a friend from my college days. He told me that he and his family were enjoying catching up with my activities by reading this blog. In particular, his daughter Marley entertained him by emulating the pike pose of my marble carving above. I am sure that she could assume this athletic position easier than I can!

Later, my friend shared this self-portrait of his budding artist daughter, which I print with permission here. It is quite marvelous, do you not agree?


Andrew said...

I love the was Wasabi Moment photo! I think the term could take on a different meaning if one took a bite with too much. :-) A little wasabi goes a long way.

Jo Castillo said...

The Gymnast is looking marvelous. You look great, too! Nice self portrait of Marley. Take care.

Anonymous said...