Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Male Nude Drawing After Prud’hon

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Before arriving in Florence, Italy, I rarely had any art history lessons. While I have so much more to learn about this subject, one of the things that I find interesting is how many paintings we know must have existed because of copies made from them. Artists throughout time have made copies of works of other artists whose works they admire.

Paul Pierre Prud’hon made many beautiful drawings and I have recently finished a copy of one of his figure drawings of a seated male nude. The title for Mr. Prud’hon’s original drawing is “Male Study for an Allegory of the Rhine River” and depicts a nude man seated on an overturned vase. He appears to be engaged in some task when he suddenly turns towards the viewer slightly. It is a lovely drawing and a real pleasure to copy.

I used the Italian Umbria paper for my charcoal and white chalk drawing. The Umbria paper is a warm, crème-y color. The drawing measures approximately 16” x 13” and has had fixative applied to protect the drawing. He is available for a summer offering of only $600 with shipping included. However, sales taxes (6.75%) apply if sending to a Texas address. You may click on the safe PayPal button if you would like to purchase online, or otherwise, contact the studio with your wishes.

And thank you for your interest in classical figurative art.

“Male Study for an Allegory of the Rhine River”
charcoal and white chalk drawing
(Italian) Umbria paper
16” x 13”
by Kelly Borsheim, after P.P. Prud’hon


Laura Grimes said...

You have so much more patience than I do!

Kelly Borsheim said...

ha ha. thanks Laura for recognizing that this takes time. Truth is that I started this drawing quite a while ago back in Italy and only recently finished him. Not sure if that is really patience ... or just persistence.

Madoner said...

Grandi i tuoi lavori e specialmente, quelli eseguiti a carboncino. L'aria della Toscana fà bene allo spirito ed all'Arte. Ciao

Kelly Borsheim said...

grazie tanti, Bruno! scivo un email dopo . . . sono molto occupata in questo momento . . . grazie di cuore.