Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Santa Croce Florence Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

There are becoming too many moments now in which I desperately wished to have a good camera with me. Tonight was splendid and I lost a magnificent opportunity to create better images. The moon was full over Basilica di Santa Croce here in Florence, Italy.

Even though I had a bike basket full of groceries for the next week, I think I spent twenty minutes either just standing alone in the piazza looking up or taking shots such as this one. I was surprised that at 9 p.m. Piazza Santa Croce was empty, save for a few American tourists and the waiting taxi drivers nearby. But then, it was dinner hour(s) in Italia.


Anonymous said...

Great and Unusual Photo.
Like a 'mannerist painting.
Gene P.

Kelly Borsheim said...

grazie mille to Gene and to Rodney, who wrote to me in private.
I apologize that I do not follow-up so much, but I do not always have convenient Internet access.

I really appreciate your encouragement and support.
Thank you!