Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wedding Couple Portrait Painting

Dear Art Lover,

Wedding portrait painting Detail Joe
Wedding portrait painting Detail Groom

     So, back in October or November, I posted some images and gave you a description of a challenging project that I had to do. It was requested that I paint a portrait of a couple who are getting married next month. The bride's favorite color is hot pink. The groom wanted his favorite sports teams of the Denver Broncos included (colors are bright orange and navy blue, with a horse symbol) and a crucifix, not just a cross. She wanted the painting done in the style of Seurat... lots of dots and a high key painting (meaning few real dark tones). And of course, none of the photos that I received were the favorite of both of them in the same shot and I could not work from life with the ocean between us. 

     I have received permission from the couple to share the images here of the finished portrait. Meet my sister Danielle and her future husband Joe. So, this past weekend was Danielle's Bridal Shower. Because I was told back in December that I required surgery on my knee [with a six-month recovery time], I had given up the plan to attend the wedding in the US. So back in early January 2017, I shipped the painting secretly to our mother. It was still wet, but I had to go all the way to Firenze, Italia, anyway to ship another painting that I had sold. The packaging was great [Thanks, MBE-Firenze] and the painting arrived safely to the US and surprisingly stayed a secret! Recently, our mother (an artist as well) stretched the painting for me and the groom's grandmother bought the frame. Two of these images are from the shower this past weekend. The others I took here in Italy before shipping the art.  

Wedding portrait painting Happy Couple with Crucifix Denver Broncos     I should note that I did not pull off the Seurat look.  Part of that is because a portrait artist has to learn to read feedback from the commissioning client.  People do not always say exactly what you need to hear to do what the speaker wants.  My feel on the feedback that I got was that more realism was desired than what I see in Seurat.  Also, the original comment was, “I really love the lady with the big butt by Monet.”  I could not think of or find a big butt by Monet, but of course, I remember the famous profile of the woman in the park wearing a Victorian-style dress with the added butt poof.  Hahah.  So, I read my sister’s comment as that she likes the high-key color palette and that she enjoys seeing choppy paint strokes.  And I am very happy that she and her future husband love the painting.

     Also... the doctors gave me alternative therapies, so I am preparing to attend my sister's wedding after all. Sweet reunion with my family!

Wedding portrait painting Detail Danielle, the bride
Wedding Portrait Painting, Detail Bride

Wedding portrait painting Bridal Shower Gift Presentation
Wedding portrait painting Bridal Shower Gift Presentation

Art Workshop in Tuscany

    On another note:  Are you interested in traveling to Tuscany, Italy, to take some art lessons?  I have been asked to teach again and we thought this time to try it in the hills, close to my home.  If we get enough feedback, we might try for a workshop in September or October.  I have taught all sorts of things including pastels, charcoal drawing, still life painting, portraits, anatomy, stone carving, and more.  The landscape is lovely here and one idea is to do more of an artist’s retreat.. More painting time, afternoon critiques.. But even if I teach full-time, we are thinking of a small group.. six maximum?  I am open to shaping the class to what YOU want to work on, so please send me your desires about what you want to learn about art.  The location is between Firenze (Florence) and Lucca / Pisa.  If you see my posts on Facebook, you may have a better idea of the landscape and beauty to which I am referring.

Art workshop in Tuscany Italy - send your requests for what to learn
Art workshop in Tuscany Italy - send your requests for what to learn

     If you like, please have a look at some of my sculpture online here:



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