Sunday, June 18, 2017

Progress on sculpture and La Pausa

Dear Art Lover,
     After two months in the US without creating anything, I had so many plans to get back into gear again once home.  I am angry with myself for not healing my knee and now adding the broken wrist into the mix.  I find that washing dishes and cleaning my teeth the hardest daily tasks.  Although cutting my hair was a time suck, but I could not get the longer do to stay in the hairclip with one hand.
    Anyway, I am happy to alternate my computer work with this new art project, however slow.  Here is latest progress pic.  Also, my sculpting friends who live in Firenze [Florence] went to the quarry last week to choose stone for our next project.  Since I could not join them, they came over for a short visit after they left the quarry.  Lovely of them to each sign my cast, too!

    Lastly, I want to share one of my pastel drawings on black paper.  It is appropriately called “The Pause” [or ‘The Break’].  Inspired by the staff at Quattro Leone, a popular restaurant in Piazza della Passera in Florence, Italy, he is available.  The original artwork will ship from Hickory, North Carolina, USA.  Contact me if you have a calming place in your home or “around the water cooler” at work and let us see what we can both do to get him to you!


Kelly Borsheim, artist 

P.S.  Happy Father's  Day to the great DADs in the world, including my own.

Slow, slow, ma  AVANTI!

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