Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bees Passion Flower Broken Wrist

Dear Art Lover,
     Have you ever seen so many bees at once on a flower?  I snapped several shots of this passion flower near my home, so cool.  Also, tucked in among my landlord’s lemon trees is an aloe vera plant.  I had no idea that aloe makes a flower!  WOW, just look at this beaut!

bees love passion flower
Enjoying so many busy bees at my home.
     And finally, just when I was looking forward  to fewer distractions and working on paintings and sculpture again, another fall.  Obviously, my knee is not healing.  This time, I also hurt my left ankle and broke my right wrist in two places.  At least my cast maker was/is still cute [although not fond of being photographed]!  Time to properly study Italian . . . at least one month in this cast!  Shorter blog posts, as well, jaja.


Kelly Borsheim, artist


Jo Castillo said...

Well, the flowers stink in a good way and the wrist breaking stinks in the other way! Rats. Gene fell and sprained his left wrist so not so bad….. He feels for you.
Good thing that you are home and not traveling. Take care!!!!

Kelly Borsheim said...

oh, thank made me laugh, except for the part about Gene! I feel for him, too!
yes, I am happy to be home and trying to find a balance between healing and work. thanks for the kind words and online blog response! hugs to you both!