Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Painting Again!

Dear Art Lover,
Serbian Farmer painting detail of work-in-progress
Working on the head first - oil painting

     Stereotypes are not always accurate, nor are they always flattering.  I am currently working on a large composition of a Serbian farmer and his granddaughter.  I have been to Serbia twice now to visit them and I adore this family.  The stereotype that I am referring to this time is one that I have heard from other farmers as well:  That city folks tend to think that farmers are dumb.  Oh, the stories that Srecko tells about the kinds of things that people and even his government assume of him!
     So, I hope to show this farmer as I see him:  a studious, thoughtful, and intelligent man.  Technically speaking, I want to do a partially monochromatic painting, focus on brush strokes and texture, create a story-telling composition, and make something beautiful.

     It is great to be back home and painting again.  My trip to the USA was fruitful and fast, despite my being there for seven weeks.  It was not enough time with my family (although my baby sister’s wedding was a lot of fun!) and even less time with friends, many of whom I did not get to see at all.  I really appreciate those who made an effort to come see me privately or at one of my art events.  Thank you!

Cheers and, gosh, almost a “happy June” already!


Serbian Farmer monochrome painting work-in-progress
Serbian Farmer monochrome painting work-in-progress


Craig McLanachan said...

This looks to be a really fine painting growing from a rich relationship. I love your art!

Kelly Borsheim said...

Hi Craig! I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for the books! My neighbor had them sitting on my kitchen table when I arrived back from the States. very kind of you to send, especially such a long way! Perhaps I will find time for the reading of them now that my wrist is broken and I need to really heal my knee!
And thanks for the compliment on this painting, sadly still a work-in-progress.