Sunday, June 18, 2017

Progress on sculpture and La Pausa

Dear Art Lover,
     After two months in the US without creating anything, I had so many plans to get back into gear again once home.  I am angry with myself for not healing my knee and now adding the broken wrist into the mix.  I find that washing dishes and cleaning my teeth the hardest daily tasks.  Although cutting my hair was a time suck, but I could not get the longer do to stay in the hairclip with one hand.
    Anyway, I am happy to alternate my computer work with this new art project, however slow.  Here is latest progress pic.  Also, my sculpting friends who live in Firenze [Florence] went to the quarry last week to choose stone for our next project.  Since I could not join them, they came over for a short visit after they left the quarry.  Lovely of them to each sign my cast, too!

    Lastly, I want to share one of my pastel drawings on black paper.  It is appropriately called “The Pause” [or ‘The Break’].  Inspired by the staff at Quattro Leone, a popular restaurant in Piazza della Passera in Florence, Italy, he is available.  The original artwork will ship from Hickory, North Carolina, USA.  Contact me if you have a calming place in your home or “around the water cooler” at work and let us see what we can both do to get him to you!


Kelly Borsheim, artist 

P.S.  Happy Father's  Day to the great DADs in the world, including my own.

Slow, slow, ma  AVANTI!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cast Signing New Sculpture

Dear Art Lover,

     Every cast should be signed or decorated, yes?  Share the love for faster healing and all that jazz!  I was fortunate enough to have two Italian children that I sometimes get to have fun with visit [they live in a different village from me] and show me the colors!  They came over with their parents and my landlord to pick some of the latter’s cherries.

     The next day I woke with an idea for a new sculpture and got started on the 5th of June.  I only share the date since people often ask me how long it takes to make one of my artworks.  I usually do not know since I rarely work consistently on one piece at a time.  Anyway, my handwriting with my left hand is legible, but not always pretty or controlled.  I think painting and drawing are out for a while.  Sculpture tools are too dangerous, even if just dropping them.  Plastilina is an oil-based clay that never dries out.  3-dimensions is quite complicated to do [building the armature], so that left bas-relief.

     I pulled out one of my larger drawing boards and the sand bags I made for my stone carving.  I used wood and a wooden palette to trace shapes on my board for the outer edge size of my future composition.  And applied the clay with my left hand.  It may never be great, but at least it is progress on a foundation.

     We did the cast signing on Nori’s tractor.  There was nowhere else for the kids to sit or me rest my forearm for them to draw on. After that and cherry-picking, I had to show them the proper ways to enjoy passion flowers, such as enhancing one’s eyelashes.  You have done this, too, no?

Kelly Borsheim, artist

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bees Passion Flower Broken Wrist

Dear Art Lover,
     Have you ever seen so many bees at once on a flower?  I snapped several shots of this passion flower near my home, so cool.  Also, tucked in among my landlord’s lemon trees is an aloe vera plant.  I had no idea that aloe makes a flower!  WOW, just look at this beaut!

bees love passion flower
Enjoying so many busy bees at my home.
     And finally, just when I was looking forward  to fewer distractions and working on paintings and sculpture again, another fall.  Obviously, my knee is not healing.  This time, I also hurt my left ankle and broke my right wrist in two places.  At least my cast maker was/is still cute [although not fond of being photographed]!  Time to properly study Italian . . . at least one month in this cast!  Shorter blog posts, as well, jaja.


Kelly Borsheim, artist

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Painting Again!

Dear Art Lover,
Serbian Farmer painting detail of work-in-progress
Working on the head first - oil painting

     Stereotypes are not always accurate, nor are they always flattering.  I am currently working on a large composition of a Serbian farmer and his granddaughter.  I have been to Serbia twice now to visit them and I adore this family.  The stereotype that I am referring to this time is one that I have heard from other farmers as well:  That city folks tend to think that farmers are dumb.  Oh, the stories that Srecko tells about the kinds of things that people and even his government assume of him!
     So, I hope to show this farmer as I see him:  a studious, thoughtful, and intelligent man.  Technically speaking, I want to do a partially monochromatic painting, focus on brush strokes and texture, create a story-telling composition, and make something beautiful.

     It is great to be back home and painting again.  My trip to the USA was fruitful and fast, despite my being there for seven weeks.  It was not enough time with my family (although my baby sister’s wedding was a lot of fun!) and even less time with friends, many of whom I did not get to see at all.  I really appreciate those who made an effort to come see me privately or at one of my art events.  Thank you!

Cheers and, gosh, almost a “happy June” already!


Serbian Farmer monochrome painting work-in-progress
Serbian Farmer monochrome painting work-in-progress

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