Thursday, January 7, 2016

Alcohol and Art

Dear Art Lover,

     Well, yesterday concluded Italy’s version of the winter holiday grouping.  Wise men delivering gifts, and a witch brings things to children here… she is called the Befana.  I actually enjoyed Christmas this year in my new home town and with a dear friend who came to share in it with me.  Although I went out on New Year’s Eve and had a nice time, I still found myself a bit down.  NYE just does not make sense to me and yet, it still reminds me of how fast life is zooming past.  The depression likely stems from my lack of efficiency in the "productivity of art" department.  Then I give myself a kick in the pants, right about the time I have to pay my Texas State Sales Tax!  (20 January)

     I am working on a charcoal drawing I have wanted to do for years now.  And, typical for me, there is always a point in which I fear that I do not have the skills to do what I envision.  It feels like pushing that boulder up the mountain.  Perhaps that is a bit hard on myself, though, because I do not often have a clear vision of the final look.  I have learned that each artwork changes a bit.  It must be some weird collaboration of materials and mind.

     In any event, here is a sneak peek at my latest effort. I have been wondering if the use of alcohol will help get the effect that I seek.  I do not mean the kind that you drink… or as my father likes to quip, “Drink up and make me look good!”