Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sculpture Prep for Public Space

Dear Art Lover,
     On Sunday, several of us sculptors from this past July’s symposium returned to Cava Nardini [cava means ‘stone quarry’ in Italian].  The sculptures were lifted with either cords of metal or heavy-duty fabric straps and laid on their sides on top of a wooden pallet.  Then holes were drilled under the bases to secure the sculptures in their new home.

A now-goggled Pinocchio rides on the dove- stone sculpture Cava Nardini

metal cables used to transport Pinocchio puppets ride a large Fish logo of Pescia
Sculpture by Silvio Viola
     Yesterday Marco Nardini loaded the sculptures onto a truck and they were all taken to the Parco di Pinocchio in Collodi, Italy.  All but one of our symposium works were of the theme of Pinocchio and will now find their place in the Park of Pinocchio.  Collodi is the Tuscan town where the story of the world-famous puppet who became a real boy was born.  [The exception was a bas-relief giant stone postcard view of Vellano by Roberto Politano and that was mounted for all to see at the entrance of that village back in August.]

     Today I am on my way to this park with Silvio Viola, the sculptor who organized this whole project with Marco Nardini and the Mayor of Pescia and others.  It will be my first time there and I am curious to see it after the various reports I have heard.  The installation should be completed by tomorrow, but last I heard, they may wait for a spring dedication ceremony.



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Lifting and moving stone sculpture prepare for installation Cava Nardini Vellano Tuscany Italy

Drilling holes in sculpture base for secure installation Cava Nardini Vellano Tuscany Italy
Cava Nardini Vellano Tuscany Italy Making Christmas Tree

Lovely winter view from Cava Nardini Vellano Tuscany Italy

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