Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fiesole Still Life Painting

Dear Art Lover,
Detail of high textured watercolor paper - pastel painting Tuscany Fiesole Still life     It is October, the month of orange, no?  A few years ago, I saw this hearth-like scene at a friend’s house during their holiday party.  Orange always seems like a happy color to me and I wondered if I had it in me to tackle it in art to create a similar emotion. 
     This pastel on heavy Fabiano Artists Watercolor Traditional White paper - 140 wt depicts a Tuscan vase with a couple of metal kettles.  The dried plant stems make me think of a bad hair day, but they lend a wonderful element of contrast to all the other shapes and tones.  They all sat upon a shelf made from an old log and other wood parts.  

"Fiesole Still Life"

21.5" x 29"
Pastel on Fabiano watercolor paper 140 wt.
© 2010
Kelly Borsheim
"Fiesole Still Life" - 22" x 29" framed in black

      Fiesole is a quant small town up in the hills above Florence, Italy. Tuscany is famous for its orange warm colors and I liked the coziness of this scene.
       The pastel is framed in a simple, but angled black frame with Museum Glass and includes a black spacer so that the art does not touch the glass. No mat so you may focus on the warmth of the art and it looks more like a painting. [Museum Glass is a trademarked product that SERIOUSLY reduces glare. It is wonderful.]
This would look great in any room in which you want to feel cozy and comfortable, perhaps a reading room or social room.

Detail of high textured watercolor paper - pastel painting Tuscany
 I chose to create this pastel painting on a highly textured watercolor paper. It is a thick paper and I was able to use the texture to beautiful effect. I like it that the closer one gets, the more texture one sees. I am also fascinated with the layering of colors and the play of cool and warm pigments together. Note that in the grey vase on the right, I added purples and yellows into the greys. I hope that you enjoy this composition in pastel.

     Now, if you have read this far, I want to share that starting with this cheerful and warm piece, I will be offering selected artworks at an enticing price over the next several months.  “Fiesole Still Life” is priced at $1600, framed.  If you mention this savings project, you may acquire this original artwork for only $1200, plus free shipping.  AND, if you already own an original Borsheim artwork (painting, drawing, or sculpture), you will receive an ADDITIONAL 10 % off!

Contact me.  sculptor@borsheimarts.com

P.S.  Welcome into the world, Noah!  My brother’s second grandchild.

Fiesole Still Life pastel painting framed in Exhibition Austin Texas
Framed in simple angled black frame on the left

Detail of still Life - Metal Tuscan kettle pastel painting framed

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