Saturday, October 22, 2016

Autumn in the Quarry Vellano Tuscany

Dear Art Lover,
     It began to rain yesterday morning at Cava Nardini, the stone quarry of father and son, respectively, Germano and Marco Nardini.  As I moved my tools to a nearby shed, I noticed the light and shapes of the stones as they started to get wet.

Stone carving  Cava Nardini quarry - ballerina and pinocchio on dove sculpture
My ballerina (WIP) on left; Pinocchio rides the dove, right.

Autumn at Cava Nardini Stone quarry in Vellano Tuscany Italy

     Autumn has arrived in the quarry.  I hope that I will get to return to see more of the colors changing.  In the meantime, I continued to carve on the ballerina.  In this self-portrait with timer, you may see that I am wearing a hat that has the shape of a shower curtain.  It is made from fabric of Australian aboriginal patterns.  The hat is a gift and hand-made by the mother of my friend Skye.  Skye came to visit me in July and we even went to a wedding in Sicily for a couple of artists we both know from our days in Firenze.  It really does help keep some dust off of the scalp and hair!

Stone carving in Australian made hat Vellano Tuscany Italy

     The sculpture is slowly taking form and after lunch I asked Marco if we could drill a hole in the stone between the figure and the fabric she is tossing over her head.  Marco’s diamond drill tube is 3 cm diameter.  I was worried it was too large, but decided that if something went awry, I would redesign.  So, he used his drill and I added the cooling water as needed.  I will soon have to switch to smaller tools.  My 4-5 inch diameter diamond blade will not be able to reach into the recesses I so enjoy creating.  It is obvious to me that I need my tools I left in Texas and probably also must buy some more.

Stone carving Tuscany ballerina is starting to take form
Quarryman Marco Nardini uses a diamond drill to core a hole in marble.

     Oh, I promised a reader that I would show the stone wet so we can see the color of this rock.  It is a deep forest green with white vein inclusions.  Here is an image of the rock half wet.  Most of the time, the stone is dry as I carve.  It is amazing how many times the pattern does something unexpected to enhance one’s design.  One hopes for such a thing to happen each time.

Half-wet marble showing the green and white patterns in the stone

   Sometimes I think it is a wonder than I ever get anything done.  I am always looking up at the sky and admiring the light.  This first image shows an arcobaleno (rainbow) in the distant hills.  The second was a moment caught, as the light hit mountains in the direction of Lucca or perhaps further north.  The air seems soft enough to touch, no?

Arcobalena Rainbow in Tuscan mountains

Beautiful soft light shines on Tuscan mountains view from stone quarry Vellano

    Lastly, today, I would like to share with you some progress images of the ballerina stone carving. I am not sure when I will be back, since health-wise I had not made a good decision to work on my feet all day.  Marco was a bit upset with me as I tried to move my work table back under cover by myself.  I do hope that ego and wanting to be strong does not get in the way of actual healing as I wait for my appointment in mid-November for an MRI.

Enjoy the sunset as seen from the Cava Nardini.  I will post the after shots once I have finished the work, probably in a future art newsletter.  Subscribe if interested.


Detail future bronze
P.S.  Remember, I am offering a pre-casting discount on the price of the new bronze sculpture "Rock Towers and Frogs" if you place your order before 1 November 2016.  This copy in the edition has been sold, but I will send you progress pictures of your sculpture being made, just as I am here.  In the case of a “future” artwork, we work out a payment plan that works for you and the casting process, meaning that after the initial payment, you pay installations based on the progress of the work, paying in full before the sculpture is shipped to you. I have sold many bronze sculptures in this way and am grateful to those who can envision the finished bronze when all they have seen is clay or wax!  

Stone Carving Work-In-Progress (WIP) Cava Nardini Vellano Tuscany Italy
Stone Carving Work-In-Progress (WIP) Cava Nardini Vellano Tuscany Italy

Stone Carving Work-In-Progress (WIP) Cava Nardini Vellano Tuscany Italy

Sunset from Cava Nardini Stone quarry Vellano Tuscany Italy

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