Friday, January 16, 2015

Art Anniversary

Dear YOU!

     Oh, my!  I have gotten so wrapped up in my new unexpected portrait project [mostly finding art supplies in this country and FAST!], that I forgot to share my latest art newsletter with you.

      My 15th art anniversary just passed.  However, for the entirety of this month, I am offering FREE WORLDWIDE shipping on all of my available artworks, even if they are currently in one of my galleries.

     Also, I would like to have your help, please.  I am planning a return to the US for a while this late spring and summer.  I am looking for places to exhibit my work, from home shows (a wonderfully private/exclusive party with friends of the host and artist) to galleries or local museums, cafés or other businesses, or even in any empty spaces you may know about.  I would love to receive your suggestions and invitations.

     I believe my trip will include the following areas, not in any particular order:  Indianapolis, Chicago, St. Paul, Minnesota; Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Something off the beaten path could be considered, certainly.

     Also, I would enjoy teaching workshops, giving lectures to art groups or any group, and working with models to make new art.  I have gotten some great responses thus far, but would love to fill up my calendar and maximize my time in the States.

     Also, I presented some new sketches and tried to explain my apparent art meanderings.  Here are just a few that are on the online version of my newsletter here:    [Note:  “London Cemetery” was sold yesterday.]

London cemetery pastel art Borsheim night scene strong shadows
"London Cemetery"  SOLD
autumn leaves pastel art borsheim
Italy artchitecture pastel art painting drawing borsheim
Still Life Kale Tomato Garlic pastel art drawing painting

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Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm,

~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer, teacher