Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hi-Res Scan Baptistry Florence Italy

Dear Art Lover,
     In my quest to find a hi-res scanner (without rollers contacting the art) for all of the professional painters in Firenze, I found this little gem! 
     The film is amazing and I can guarantee that I never saw the underground part of the Baptistry for the price of my ticket some time ago.  This is so cool:
     Most people know that the Baptistry and even the famous Duomo (Cathedral) of Florence, Italy, were built upon Roman ruins.  Why not? So many other places in and out of Italy have Roman pasts!  I found this video truly incredible.

     Anyway, my search for a Cruse Scanner here in Italia whose use is available to professional contemporary artists continues.  I went to an Open Studio this morning for the Palazzo dei Pittori [Palace of the Painters], which is almost never open to the public, according to my Florentine sister who went with me.  We spoke to a man about some scanning, so I have a new contact.  Sadly, thus far  my search turned up a Cruse in Pisa, but it is only allowed for restoration work… and usually of dead artists.  Boh!  How can this be so hard in Italia to find?

Anyway, the big news now:

Happy birthday, DAD! 


Kelly Borsheim, artista

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