Monday, March 30, 2015

Kickstarter COUNTDOWN Art Bronze

Ohhh, Kickstarter has now set the countdown to HOURS not days… Please share the link to my bronze casting proposal… best prices on bronze I can offer now and if you want one of my artworks (or even a product such as a print, or pillow, or anything that you do not see on the offer, please contact me.
I want to make you happy so that I can give this money to the foundry to not lose my wax sculptures.
I am flexible on the prizes … and hopefully have lots to offer… even let your pledge be a credit for a future artwork.
  • $9,015 pledged [of goal of $11,500]
  • 78% funded
  • 25 backers
  • 55 hours to go
[copied these stats 30 March 4:30 pm Italy time… but they are using Texas Central time… ends midnight between 1 April and 2 April]
Thank you for your support and interest.  All or nothing is the Kickstarter way.

Thank you for your pledge and for sharing the link !!!  

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