Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Artists and Models Croatia

Dear Art lover,
     What one of my friends calls my “Exile from Italy” will soon be over.  If they let me back in, I mean.  I do not think of this time as exile since the law is clear and it is not unreasonable.  Besides, I am in Croatia and have made new friends, and visited more in Serbia.  I walked along the sea a lot, stayed warm during the winter, watched a lot of stars in mostly clear nights, and made some art.

     I hope that you have enjoyed the images of Umag, Croatia, that I have shared with you.  I have many more, but for now, I want to share some images from the day the family here had a big get-together while all the grandkids were in town in early March.  They invited me to join their cookout, including shooting hoops in the driveway.  That is an activity I remember from watching my brothers growing up.  It warms my heart being around three generations enjoying each other’s company.

     My portrait of Miranda and Boro was presented and I was very pleased that the kids and grandkids liked it and said that I had captured the affection and care between the head of their family.  Every portrait artist hopes for such praise because we all know that we see ourselves differently from how others do.  What a loving family!  I later joined the older generation, Miranda’s two sisters and their little brother, as well as other friends, when she had a birthday dinner the following weekend.  I hope that we stay in touch!

portrait painting of a married couple Umag Croatia oil painting Taking Care
Artist Kelly with portrait models Miranda and Boro - Umag
portrait painting of a married couple Umag Croatia oil painting Taking Care

     To see images of the painting in-progress, and the mathematics behind my design, please visit here:

     You may participate in my attempt to raise funds to pay a bronze casting foundry, even if you cannot pledge, by helping to spread the word to your contacts, but also... Leave a comment on my Kickstarter project page site.  Or ask a question.  Activity from many sources helps the Kickstarter staff see interest and they may choose my project as a favorite, getting it better seen amongst their funding clients.  thank you so much! 

Casting Call: I’m Melting . . . Melting! Into Bronze

Destroy to Create: Melted wax sacrificed to pour bronze sculpture. Hot art: Make it happen before these wax figures are truly lost.

Thank you so much for helping me make some bronze art a reality,

~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer, teacher

P.S.  Happy birthday to my sweet little brother Michael and my crazy lovely cousin Heather.

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