Thursday, February 19, 2015

Art of a Child

Dear Art lover,
     Part of the problem of my living out of a suitcase is that I do not have access to many of my backup drives or my older images that I rarely use.  I am working to launch a campaign on Kickstarter in March.  I want some of my wax sculptures cast into bronze so they may find new homes.

     For this reason, I have been searching all over for images of me casting bronze back at the Elisabet Ney Sculpture Conservatory in Austin, Texas, many years ago.  Sadly, I lost what images I had online when I transferred my Web site to a new host company back in June (my fault).

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     I got a giggle last night when I found a folder that contained a few of my childhood artworks.  These are dated around 1974 and 1975.  The horse is 1974, so I would have been ten years old (if the art fair was in the fall as it is these days).  My mother taught me how to paint in acrylics and all but the last shown here were in acrylic paint on canvas or canvas board.  My mother probably helped me make that orange frame around the horse in the wild, wild west.

     I did not do so well the next year with the mouse. Haha.. All I remember about that artwork was that I copied a card I found in a store and I painted it for the first boy I ever fell in love with.  I was eight years old and my family had just moved to Florida from Germany.  I doubt he was impressed, but I think he never knew.  [I had to force the crush to stop before I entered high school.  I was such a geek.]

Children's art category contest winner, mouse, child art, painting, 1975


     I am amused by the frog.  Was I thinking that the shapes of my initials painted LARGE and in bright yellow balanced out the big round sun?  oy yoy.  And the final fish painting:  I was experimenting with texture even then.  That is a crumpled up brown paper bag used as a canvas.  It looks like some cheap school-grade paint in traditional bright kid colors.  I am still hoping to find some picture of my very first mural shortly after these little works were made, but have little chance of that.  

     In any event, these are not bronze casting images.  However, today is “Throw-back Thursday” on Facebook and thus, I thought I would contribute some OLDIES.. have fun.

children's art, art by a child artist, artist, art, painting by children, frog, mountain, landscape

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Please share this with anyone you think might bust a gut over it-ha!  Thank you.
~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer, teacher

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Amber said...

These are great, Kelly! I recognize the frog painting (unless you did a similar one later in life too), but not the rest.

Kelly Borsheim said...

Thanks, Amber. I do not think great, but colorful! :-)