Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sammezzano Castle in Leccio Tuscany Italy

Dear Art Lover,

Back in October I saw a posting about a castle in southern Tuscany that is never open, but for a rare day, one could make reservations to get a guided tour of this amazing space with 365 rooms.  I told a friend and we spoke to another friend who has a car.  Then I made the reservation. 

"Full!" was the response.  However, I was later informed that due to a high response, volunteers would be extending the tours to two days.  So, I made reserved a space for the five of us that fit into the car.

The Castello di Sammezzano lies very close to Leccio, Toscana, Italy.  I understand that is it for sale.  It definitely needs renovation, but it is truly one-of-a-kind (in a good way) with a large amount of wooded real estate surrounding the castle.

I keep trying things to fix/understand why Blogger or Feedburner has stopped sending my blog posts to the list of you who have subscribed.  For that reason, I am including ONLY one or two images in this post.  The rest will follow in another post.  Perhaps you will receive one ... or both, as you requested.

For more information on the castle, visit:

Happy, happy winter solstice!

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