Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Graffiti Borgo degli Albizi Florence Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

As a continuation of my last blog post on the original form of graffiti, I share with you these images of a gorgeous work in degradation.  It is on Borgo degli Albizi, one of my favorite eye candy streets in Florence, Italy.  I think these designs are beautiful. 
[Click on an image to see it in a larger form.]

Even though the light pigments have eroded away, the ideas are still somewhat visible, “scratched” into the concrete.  True graffiti

This fourth image is a bit funny… to repair graffiti, it makes sense that one would have to refill the original incisions or decaying part.  But this grey ball is one blob that is not only a bit thick (protruding from the wall more than the rest of the design), but it seems odd that the new design was not created immediately while the cement was still wet!  Who knows how long this has been this way?

What a fantastical creature s/he is!

And finally, old and new graffiti together.  

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Interested in street art?  I created a different kind of it in Florence over the course of four years.  I have written a book about the art, the artist, the politics, and the ambiance of working from 10 am to midnight in the streets on Italy.  The book is titled, “My Life as a Street Painter in Florence, Italy” and you may get your copy at a country near you… click on the appropriate Amazon link on the right hand column, under the moon at:

And thank you for joining me on this artistic journey.
Kelly Borsheim, sculptor / painter / muralist

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