Friday, September 14, 2012

Room With A View Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Here are some shots of from my office window, morning then afternoon. How about that rainbow? This morning, my client upped the ante on my deadline. I must return to Firenze by the 24th of September and he and his wife will leave Italy not much longer after that. So, he plopped down a 1 TB external hard-drive this morning. He knew I needed another one because several weeks ago when I was here, I spoke to a friend of his at dinner about computer advice and more. The deal is that if I finish by the 23rd, I get to keep the hard drive as my reward. If I do not, then I keep the hard drive, but he takes the price out of my artist’s pay. Haha.

I used to think of geraniums as “old lady flowers.” But here in Tuscany, their brilliant reds against the stone and landscape have made me a tifosa (fan). I hope you enjoy those and the lovely skies. I just cannot seem to stop looking up!

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Anonymous said...

You better hurry up girl or you loose a good deal, ha :)) .. but don't stop writing this blog, its entertaining and funny!

Gorgeous view. Certainly looks like Umbria!!
Shy (again)