Saturday, March 26, 2011

Art Too Contemporary

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

It is interesting how growth with the passage of time aids in our understanding of so many things. I have been spending my evenings lately going through many, many files in my office and weeding out things I no longer need. In my “Gallery File” I ran across a printout of the Artists Submission Policy for the John Pence Gallery in California. I had contacted them in regards to an exhibition they were collecting art for titled, “The Nude.”

The bottom half of the page is full of my handwritten notes. I had e-mailed an inquiry and during my follow-up call, I was told that they had checked out my work online and my paintings were “too contemporary” and they had no need of sculpture. This was January 20, 2003.

I include here some of the works that they might have seen. I still have these, having rarely exhibited them as I kept creating newer and newer images. I must say that finding this paper made me laugh, for I rarely get labeled as “TOO contemporary.” Hindsight and much experience give me a better understanding of where I was at the time. These artworks all sell for $300 or less. They were all done from 3-hour life drawing sessions in Austin, Texas.

This is a primo example of an emerging artist who was simply not ready to be exhibited in a gallery. There is nothing particularly horrid in the work, it is just too early in my development and also, the prices are way too low for a gallery to even bother with, certainly not a gallery of the reputation and clientele of the John Pence Gallery. Anyway, I think their response is a keeper for my files . . . and maybe someday, I will again hear the criticism that my work is “too contemporary.”

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