Friday, November 6, 2009

Male Nude Art Drawing

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Perhaps you remember some of the copies I have created of famous artworks. Today I want to share with you a copy I made of one of my own figure drawings. I had done a pencil sketch in Florence, Italy, of a model named Gianni (Johnny) on 20 February 2009. It was only a 40-minute sketch (two 20-minutes poses), but I rather liked him.

So recently I decided to redraw the art onto some crème Italian Umbria paper using charcoal and white pastel. These materials give me a greater range of tone to play with than pencil and I was happy that I was able to improve upon my original drawing.

“Gianni 2009”
18” x 8”
Charcoal and Pastel
Umbria paper

If interested in the figure drawing “Gianni 2009” please contact:

The Franklin Barry Gallery in Indianapolis.
617 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Tel. 317.822.8455

Contact: Don Elliott


Andrew said...

Interesting how you improved the range of values after the fact, using the original drawing from the live session as reference. I wonder if you had a strong memory of the live session or if your work was informed by a general knowledge of anatomy. Anyway I'm just rambling... the point is I'm fascinated with the process, and in awe of the results.

Kelly Borsheim said...

Thanks, Andrew. For me, it is almost always a combination of many things. And a striking pose and decent drawing session can aid the rest of the efforts.