Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuscan Mural Start

Dear Art Lover,
     This is by no means an original idea, but what do you do when you want a room with a view and cannot get permission from the city to put a large window in your home?  Well, if you know a muralist, why not create a finestra finta [a false window]?

      And thus, my second mural in Tuscany has begun.  I do not expect this to be as quickly executed as my first mural (here:  http://borsheimarts.com/painting/murals.htm

     I received a request from someone I have no desire to refuse to teach him how to make art.  This will be our first project.  However, this person has a full life and helps a lot of people in this mountain community.  So, let us see what sort of time he may devote to painting!

    Here is the start of the project.  I am prepared to have some fun with this!  So, stay tuned . . .

Site of future Tuscan Mural
Site of future Tuscan Mural

Painting the window frame on the Tuscan mural
Painting the window frame on the Tuscan mural

Thank you.

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