Friday, January 15, 2016

Art Collecting the Vogel Way

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I really enjoyed this article about how a man meets a woman and teaches her his new passion.  Together they create something magical.  I posted this in my recent art newsletter (a different subscription: ), but you may read it here as well.

Art Collecting: The Vogels

     As an art collector myself, I found this interesting article online written by Jed Lipinski. It is titled, “How a Working-Class Couple Amassed a Priceless Art Collection” and it is the story of art collectors Herb and Dorothy Vogel in New York City. The full article may be found here:

     Mr. Lipinski has written and engaging article that describes two love affairs really. He tells how Dorothy and Herb met and how he shared his secret passion with her. Their collection really became their life-long creation. Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the article [all direct quotes].
     They had only a few criteria: The work had to be affordable; it had to fit in their apartment; and it had be transportable via taxi or subway. Not part of the equation? The artist’s reputation. “We bought what we liked,” Dorothy said. “Simple as that.”

     When they spotted something beyond their means, they’d find a way to make the purchase: They’d buy on credit; they’d forgo a vacation; they’d even throw in cat-sitting to sweeten a deal. And the artists loved them for it.
     [Artist Lucio] Pozzi offered an alternate explanation. “To ask them to sell a piece of their collection would be like asking me to cut off a square yard of one of my paintings,” he said. “They were artists, and the collection was their work of art.”

After Herb died in 2012, the article quotes:
     “I have no regrets,” Dorothy said. “I’ve had a wonderful life. And I believe Herb and I were made to be together.”

You may read the full newsletter here and it contains the details of my current art sale (which ends 15 February 2016).

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