Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Orion Constellation rising Over New Studio

Dear Art Lover,

     Last night my landlord Nori and a helper moved the rest of my belongings from his home in a nearby village to my new home.  He had been storing these things for me since October.  If you have seen my Facebook posts, you probably know how grateful I am for him.  I never want to move again.  I have spent weeks washing almost everything that I had in storage this summer to get rid of the mold smell.  Combined with Italia’s washing machines normally taking 2.5 hours per load and hanging things to dry, you can imagine why it took me so long. 

     That and helping Nori with construction / decorating decisions on my new home, while I lived in the one he has next door.  I am having flashbacks of building my studio with John B. in Texas back in 1995.  That was harder:  John and I were often up working until 3 a.m. on the plumbing and electricity, trying to keep up with our builder since we could not afford to pay him to wait for us.  With both John and me having day jobs at the time, we were pretty tired. Here in Italia, time moves in a different way, and in the end, it all comes together.

     I want be back to painting by at least the first of January, even if I am not fully set up in my studio.  Last night I went to pick one of my landlord’s lemons (he offered!) for a stew I was cooking and again, I got to admire one of the things I miss about my former home in central Texas:  the stars!  You do not see such skies in cities!  These are a few of my snapshots from last evening and you may see the constellation Orion (and his more famous belt) rising in the east above an agriturismo on a nearby mountain.  The latter image Orion is almost straight up in the sky:  “a beautiful sight, I am happy tonight.”

     And then this evening:  a bonfire in a neighboring town that I have never yet visited.  I love fire like this, anyway.  This really is feeling like a new year to me and a new life, indeed.



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