Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Artemisia Gentileschi Women and Violence

Susanna and the Elders by Artemisia Gentileschi violence and women
Susanna and the Elders by Artemisia G.
Dear Art Lover,
     I finally finished my May newsletter.  I have a habit of expanding it as I research the topic and then have to edit myself.  Everything is connected you know.  I am sure that you have or you know of that type of person who can enter a library looking for one thing… find something semi-related that is also interesting and then look up from sitting on the floor in the aisle and realize that not only have hours pouring over texts gone by, but they drifted into subjects not on topic!  This is also why I rarely trust anyone who would claim to know everything on any given topic!

So, without further ado, here is the link to the newsletter [with images] about the female painter from Rome who beat the odds of her time… and maybe even of our times, Artemisia Gentileschi:

     Related to her story is one for my next art event.  I want to give something back to the Renaissance City for some of the many changes in my life since I first came to touch a Michelangelo in 2004.
Invitation to Art Auction Fund Raiser for ArtemisiA Battered Women Shelter Florence, Italy
You are invited!
Enjoy the party, meet artists, si mangia bene!
Aperitivo (buffet) free to attend
All artworks start bids at 100 euro
Firenze, Italy
drawings donated by Kelly Borsheim
plus many other artist donations

Sunday 17 May 2015
Bidding starts at 17:30 (5:30 p.m.)
Casa Torricelli

Via Manzoni 2 [near Piazza Beccaria], Florence [Firenze, Italia]

Fine print:
There are a LOT of artworks to auction off!
ArtemisiA in collaboration with Le Giubbe Rosse [the artist's café in Piazza della Repubblica]



  • Through 15 May, Cincinnati, Ohio: exhibit of two of my drawings in Manifest Gallery's DRAWN 2015. Be quick! Not much time left.

  • In June I will be in Florida and South Carolina. If you want to get together, please contact me.
  • In early July, I will be in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, St. Paul, and before that in North Carolina with family.
  • In late July, August, and early September, I will be working to carve stone and create bronze sculpture in Austin, Texas.
  • October 22-25 finds me at The Artists Fair, at the Bargehouse in London [Yes, England]:

Artist Kelly Borsheim 
I would love to see you if possible.
Thank you,

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