Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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Dear Art lover,
     On this St. Patrick's Day celebration, I am grateful for the 16 pledges I have received on my first crowd sourcing project [to save my wax sculptures by casting them into bronze].  That is some nice green.  But the bronze foundries will never see that if I cannot find a way to get more people involved.  We are almost 15% there, but only 15 days are left for the bidding.  We need to raise $9,800 US more to reach the goal.  With Kickstarter.com, it is all or nothing.  

     You may participate, even if you cannot pledge, by helping to spread the word to your contacts, but also... Leave a comment on my Kickstarter project page site.  Or ask a question.  Activity from many sources helps the Kickstarter staff see interest and they may choose my project as a favorite, getting it better seen amongst their funding clients.  Thank you so much! 

CastingCall: I’m Melting . . . Melting! Into Bronze

Destroy to Create: Melted wax sacrificed to pour bronze sculpture. Hot art: Make it happen before these wax figures are truly lost.

     Today I feature a bronze wall-hanging sculpture with a GREEN patina!  Check it out Kickstarter . com look for borsheim or bronze art, or follow this link:

Lookout Bronze Wall Art Sculpture Female figure in Tapestry
Interior wall for bronze sculpture "The Lookout"

 The Lookout

wall-hanging bronze sculpture

Green Patina

one of a kind
30" h x 15" w x 5" d
© Kelly Borsheim

Thank you so much for helping me make some bronze art a reality,

~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer, teacher

P.S.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day and happy birthday to Kate S.! 

Lookout Bronze Wall Art Sculpture Female figure in Tapestry outdoor outside
"The Lookout" hanging on an outside wall facing a garden.

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