Saturday, March 21, 2015

Architecture Belgrade Serbia

Dear Art lover,
     Beograd means “white city” in the Serbian language.  My friends there explained the origin of the name comes from the impression of travelers after a long journey as they came upon the city.  I had thought it might be something similar to the case of the “Black Sea,” which is named for the dark color of the water created by an abundance of dark green plants in it.  But I had also been told that it was a contrast to the nearby “White Sea,” which long ago was given another name.
       Today I want to share just some of the architecture with you that I saw in Beograd.  My friend Biljana and I rode the bus for a brief day trip on a Saturday afternoon.  The first two images are views I took while waiting to change buses in Pancevo; the rest are from Beograd.  Biljana is like many of my friends:  very patient with me.  I cannot ever seem to just walk directly anywhere.  My eyes are constantly noticing shapes, color, and textures.  My companions often find themselves walking ahead of me and then turning to wait for me to recover from many distractions.  Enjoy these snapshots.

Kickstarter update:  19 backers have now helped me raise 29% of the funds needed to give the foundry.  Two people have even increased their original pledges!  $3,350 of a goal of $11,500.  Thank you and let us go for the other 71% please!
     You may participate in my attempt to raise funds to pay a bronze casting foundry, even if you cannot pledge, by helping to spread the word to your contacts, but also... Leave a comment on my Kickstarter project page site.  Or ask a question.  Activity from many sources helps the Kickstarter staff see interest and they may choose my project as a favorite, getting it better seen amongst their funding clients.  thank you so much! 

CastingCall: I’m Melting . . . Melting! Into Bronze

Destroy to Create: Melted wax sacrificed to pour bronze sculpture. Hot art: Make it happen before these wax figures are truly lost.
Thank you so much for helping me make some bronze art a reality,

~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer, teacher

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