Sunday, February 22, 2015


Dear Art lover,
     With such a wide and wonderful paved sidewalk along the Adriatic Sea here in Umag, Croatia, I thought I should get some wheels for better (further) exploration.  What I discovered, however, is that some perks contrast with some less-than-ideal circumstances.  

rollerblades would be perfect along the sea walk in Umag, Croatia

     I mean that as much as I love walking the sea without much company during winter in a town full of summer tourists, I also cannot access touristy things.  After several attempts to find some rollerblades and being told that there were none in town during this time of year, I found some to try.  The good news is that they were available for half price!  Sadly, they were four sizes too large.  I hoped that perhaps wearing several pairs of socks would fill the gap, but both the saleswoman and I agreed that it would not be a safe solution.  The rollerblades were simply too large.  However, she took this snapshot of me in her store, so we had some laughs.  

     Sadly, she also told me that there are no bicycle rentals in off-season.  So, I walk alone . . .
I like it here.  The people are really nice, even though I have made a point to stay pretty much alone while I work out a lot of things.   

     I will be launching my fundraising bronze casting project on soon, so if you have had a hankering to get some bronzes at good prices, March will be the time.  I included some early bird special offers for quick-acting supporters.  With bronze prices and labor at an all-time high, I can assure you that these prices will not be offered for long.

     Also, I am still having technical difficulties.  I tried a new service to distribute my art newletter (a subscription list, free).  I sent this out about a week ago.  Sadly, I am having mixed reviews.  Too many people near the end of the list have told me that they have NOT received the newsletter in their e-mail boxes.  If you are one of those and I have not already heard from you, will you please let me know?  I need to give the company feedback so we can determine what the problem is.  Thank you!

     In any event, here is the newsletter online about Tantalyzing Tasmania:

Please share this with anyone you think might bust a gut over it-ha!  Thank you.

~ Kelly Borsheim, sculptor, painter, writer, teacher

sunset over harbor in Umag, Croatia; big yellow orange sun

sunset over harbor in Umag, Croatia; peaceful colors

sunset over harbor in Umag, Croatia

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