Saturday, October 19, 2013

Inlaid Wood Mosaic Siena Duomo Cathedral Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Today’s posting about the inside of the amazing Duomo of Siena, Italy, features the inlaid wood that is in the furniture surrounding the stage.  I cannot get over how much Italy has changed my idea of mosaics!  These carved “pictures” in wood (and also in stone mosaic art) fill me with awe, especially when the design utilizes the natural patterns in each unique piece of material to naturally shade or add a detail to the overall design.  Not all mosaics have this extra touch, but when they do, one feels the love and passion of the artist.

Here, in Siena, the combination of architecture, with bas relief (compressed form, like a coin) sculpture, 3-dimensional sculpture, fresco, and function blow the mind.  And how do you like the rabbit?

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If you find yourself in Tuscany before 26 October 2013, I hope you will go see the temporary unveiling of the highly decorative stone floor of the Duomo (Cathedral) in Siena.
More of the Divina Bellezza or “Divine Beauty”exhibition and the Duomo in Siena in the next post.

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