Friday, August 24, 2012

Art Lover Writes to Artist

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

I received some interesting feedback from a fan of my stone carvings and thought that I would share since I have been busy working and preparing for my trip to Spain soon. While I cannot answer everyone’s questions, I try to read everything that I can. It was kind of Mr. Francis McLaughlin to put some time into specific comments on each sculpture. You are also invited to comment on the blog, if you like. I recently gave the blog a slightly new look that I hope is easier on the eyes.

Thanks you and read on, if you like. He is referring to my original stone sculptures. If you click on the image title, you may then view the individual sculpture site page that includes more views of each artwork, as well as images of the stone during the carving process. Please inquire as to availability if you would like to take advantage of my LayAway Plan (as many have) or if you just want to add an artwork to your collection right away. The prices are all online on my pricelist page. Thank you.

Kelly Borsheim, artist

Dear Kelly,

You’re such a beauty; but just like flowers, all that’s sweet is transitory. Be tough on life; squeeze it, for what it is you really want. There must be some desire that is most important to you, maybe falling in love, or doing the greatest art, and in your case that would be a wow. You’re become famous enough to have a hundred demands on your time. You don't have to respond, I'm so grateful that you did, I'll watch your career with a sweet tear in my eye, and hope that your wonderful talent continues in a most fertile environment.

I took a quick half hour look at some of your things, I noted how thrilling they hit me.

Torso 8 (above) is sensational for me because I see such sensuality in motion with the turning figure.

Ascension Invitation: The attraction on mythology lies begging in our psyche, this piece stimulates that realm.

Gymnast: Sweet is always good, that feeling of sentimentality that lives near sweet works for most of us.

Back to Back: To get sensually involved tugs heavy on us.

Lips of Life: Great theme this could be done again and again for a long long time with an ever increasing joyful romance.

Zebra Lips: The impact of contrast and color alone, stun me in a fresh way.

Yin Yang: A wonderful porn piece that puts me where I like to go.

I’ve become pleasantly exhausted looking at your work. I’ll return when I recover, to see what more things you’ve done, that both thrill and inspire.

Most grateful thanks

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Gene P. said...

Great Comments by an Art Eye.
He is right-on regarding life, your works and opportunities.
Keep the fires burning Kelly.
Best Wishes.
Gene P.