Sunday, May 9, 2010

Palazzo Borghese Florence, Italy

Cari Amici (Dear Friends),

Years ago, an Italian friend took me up into the Palazzo Borghese on Via Ghibellina in Florence, Italy. I had only peeked into the entryway before, but he took me upstairs beyond the curtain. Inside, it is incredible!

Recently, I went to visit again. It was closed off a bit, but I asked a man there if I could see the sculptures. He started to tell me to go to the hotel next door, but I continued my description, in my still wanting Italian, until the light bulb went off in his head about what I wanted to see.

Back in 2007, I saw the outside of the stained glass window of the Palazzo Borghese, only when I shared those images with you, I did not know what was on the other side of the glass. So, I hope you enjoy the different perspectives on this window.

Also, there was an art exhibit going on by a female artist named Vesna Pavan. Her paintings of female figures are dynamic and fun. I include one shot here of one of my favorites. Enjoy! Her exhibit concludes on 24 September, so you still have time to come see her work in the beautiful Palazzo Borghese.

Happy Mother’s Day!


violet said...

Hi Kelly, So nice to see I used to stay their 20 years ago and their was a great very funny manager but I forget his name...such a shame its closed now... Lovely photos.......Jane

Kelly Borsheim said...

Hello Jane,
I am glad you enjoyed these images. I do not think she is closed, per se, because that artist has her exhibit there. But I think I just arrived between busy hours maybe. And I am sure when there are no scheduled activities it is just too expensive to keep the lights on everywhere.

I was a bit surprised that the man did not know what I was talking about when I asked to see those rooms again. But maybe with the chandeliers and furniture, asking to see the sculptures confused him a bit :-)

Thank you for writing.