Sunday, June 1, 2008

Antonio Ciccone Art Drawings - Florence, Italy

Cari Amici,
I spent the 25th of May in Sesto Fiorentino, Italy, with my friend Hafiza to help her celebrate her birthday. Once again her generosity showed itself when she gave me her bici (bike). She is a beaut! A jogger, who took a break when she saw me trying to balance my camera on a trash can, took this image. I was riding home from the (train) stazione, trying to remember the last time I rode a bicycle.

However, I did not use questo bici until today, 31 May. In Florence, there is a pretty healthy bike theft business, with stolen bikes often sold to the many students here. I want to avoid becoming a victim in this situation and it took me several days to find the right friend to advise me on which bike locks were the best. And there was also the rain to consider. But today, I was flying high, zigzagging down some of the less car-traveled streets of Florence as I made my way to the reception of artist Antonio Ciccone at Casa di Dante.

Antonio studied with Pietro Annigoni, one of Florence’s more recent art heroes. I heard that many years ago, Antonio moved from the more representational style of Annigoni to America and its more modern movement/style. He has been back in Florence for a while now and is doing representational charcoal portraits. (He also attended last week’s reception for the mostra that included two of my drawings. The maestro Michael John Angel also studied with the late Pietro Annigoni.)

Art critic John T. Spike gave a warm introduction (in Italian) to Antonio Ciccone, while Rossella Annigoni, Pietro Annigoni's second wife and widow, smiled warmly nearby.

I photographed some detail shots of these lovely drawings. (Please pardon the reflexions in the glass.) I was impressed by the subtlety of tone combined with a sure hand and strong lines. I even enjoyed the artist’s signature!

And finally, I was able to meet the artist. Surprisingly enough, I am a shy person and it was only because my artist friend Francesco wanted to photograph me with the artist that I was introduced to him. Being the star of the show, Antonio did not have much time to speak with me, but he seemed genuinely charming and I was happy to meet him. And then look at more of the drawings, as Francesco continued to take many fotos throughout the exhibit.

Ciao a presto! And thank you for your interest.


Theresa Bayer said...

Well you could take off the front wheel & carry with you, or the seat...seen that done in Austin. Guess you already got all that art stuff to schlep around though. And a bike seat to art class, they'd think you were trying to copy Picasso.

I like Mr. Ciccone's drawings. And his siggy, too.

Rodney said...

party ha looks like fun...Rodney

Kelly Borsheim said...

from my friend Jered:
We were all on tv Sat. night from 9:00 to 9:15 on Toscana TV. It was
a local news article covering the opening of the Antonio Ciccone
show. I happened across it by chance, recognized John Spike's
narration, then saw 10 minutes of interviews and panning shots of the
crowd. -Could clearly see Maestro and Lynne, Megan, Dorian, Kelly,
Hafiza and myself. The woman in white standing next to John Spike,
by the way, was Rosella Annigoni, Annigoni's second wife and widow.

Smile, you're all movie stars!

Tiana said...

Just came across this Kelly, thank you for your write up on the opening. I will share with Antonio Ciccone. Check Ciccone's website for up-coming exhibition in Castagno d'Andrea opening July 19th. Best, Tiana Ciccone